Alien Skies

Alien SkiesDue out:                                               2018-19

Game design & development:        N J Higgins ‘The Prof’

Game test developer:                       Graeme Cohen, plus ‘Algie’ the test programme

Graphic design:                                   Heidi Sinclair

Artwork:                                                Miguel Coimbra

Current status:                                    Pre-publication

Estimated RRP:                                    £49.99

Available to PRE-ORDER

Game Summary

This is “Exo-P Orbiter 1” to Jupiter Mission Control. “We are establishing orbit around XK421. Wish us luck”. Transmission end. Expected transmission time 4.5 years.

As one of a band of intrepid space explorers, who is going to be the first in human history to find ‘Exoplanet Alpha-1’, the second planet to fully sustain human life?

Alien Skies is a strategy game for 2-6 players. For ages 10 & up.